New, Sale, One of a Kind: Update 2

New, Sale, One-of-a-Kind is back for a second update! We immediately sold the One-of-a-Kind ring from last week but a limited quantity of the Copper Studded Heart Pendant is still available (Hearts! Valentines Day! Get on it, fellas!) as well as those new items.

This week we have a new array. Let's discuss shall we?
(Clockwise from upper left)

1. Tiger Eye Cocktail Ring - ONE OF A KIND! I made this ring before the Holidays and just never got around to posting it. This is actually one of my favorite rings because it reminds me of the '70s...and I really like the '70s. Plus, Tiger Eye is awesome. Everyone knows that.

2. Shooting Gallery Necklace - SALE! The name of this series was inspired by a song on one of my favorite albums, which just happens to have been made by my good friends, ANR (This song, to be precise). Anyway, long story short, this piece was made to look like it came out of a shooting gallery. And it does. I like when things work out like that.

3. Sterling Silver Vertebrae Pendant - NEW! Similar to the Vertebrae Necklace I posted last week, this piece is made to be worn alone on a thin silver chain. 
Simple. Cute. Awesome.

4. Vintage Brass Bell Necklace - NEW! As it stands now, these necklaces are only available in a limited quantity. The Brass bells were foraged from the bottom of an insanely packed (and completely awesome) thrift store here in Miami and they are altered with White Quartz, Citrine or Amethyst. Your choice.

More Updates coming soon!


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