New, Sale, One of a Kind: Update 3

We're back for week three with 2 one-of-a-kind rings and, of course, some new and sale items. This is what we're working with this week 
(clockwise from upper left):

1.  Moonstone and Onyx Cocktail Ring - ONE OF A KIND! This is yet another piece that I made towards the end of last year but never posted in the store. Made in silver and featuring Moonstone and Onyx cabochons, this ring is bold and a little rough around the edges...which is what makes it so special.

2. Silver Seahorse Charm - NEW! Made from a mold of a tiny little seahorse, this charm is tiny and about as cute as they come.

3. Regal Cat Cameo Ring - ONE OF A KIND! You can get the silver version of this ring but this here is the original and the only one of its kind so snap it up before it's gone!

4. Copper Circle Geode Charm - SALE! This was a bit of an experiment. I absolutely love the Geode Necklace and wanted to see how this rough piece would look if made into a clean little circle. But then I never posted it (this is becoming a trend, huh?) Anyway, here it is! As of now, I'm unsure if I will be making more of them but for now it's up and it's on sale!

Check the store tomorrow to find these new pieces, as well as the remaining previously listed New, Sale and One-of-a-Kind items!

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