Get Into It

Are you in the market for an antique bobcat skull or a "sexy ceramic lady bust"? Well, if you are, dear reader, you are in luck. I'd like to introduce you to two new shops, opened by some of my dear friends.

The Vessel Co.
Started last year by my good friends Tiffany and George, The Vessel Co. is an online shop that sells, well, vessels.

"The term vessel is stretched to its limits within our store, all an object must do is be able to contain. A spoon, a pouch, a basket, a grain scoop, can all be given a new purpose, and a second chance."

Diamonds and Rust
If you happen to find yourself in the Beverly, MA area be sure to stop by the perfectly curated treasure shop, Diamonds and Rust. From Pendleton camp blankets and Turkish Kilim rugs to a light house paint by number and the most beautiful wooden card catalog I've ever seen, this shop has it all. And if you don't happen to live nearby, you can always stop by their newly opened online store. 

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