Studio in a studio

Well, it's official, I finally have a "jewelry studio" in my apartment! Seeing as how I live in a studio, obviously my "jewelry studio" can't be all that elaborate, but I seem to have found a good little area for my kiln (above the dishwasher), a good work surface (my kitchen counter, next to the microwave) and I've managed to free up a drawer to make room for my PMC supplies! Impressed? I am!

Up until this point, the needlepoint charms were made on the couch while most other items were made on my desk (after clearing off the stacks of paper and pushing my Macbook to the side). In other words, everything was everywhere. I'm hoping now that I have my own little work space, things will be more organized and I will be more productive!

So far I'm loving my Paragon SC2 kiln...although (of course) I promptly discolored the bottom when I fired one of the soldering/firing boards on it. Now I'm firing the second one (the proper way) and I'm hoping it's cake from here on out. But as you can imagine, I'll probably have tons of stories for you over my next few weeks (months?) of experimentation...wish me luck!

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MelodyS said...

So shiny and new.