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This little guy's story begins under a broken hot tub that we dug out of the ground. I found an old alligator toy buried that had been there for who knows how long. So I took him and made a mold of his head. A little ode to my hometown of Miami, I guess. I love how the charm turned out to look like an alligator coming to the water's surface in the Everglades. I think a portion of the proceeds of this charm might go to some sort of Everglades conservation fund...I'll have to do some research to find a worthy organization.

I'm calling this one an "Industrial Heart" charm. I wanted to make something for Valentine's Day but I must admit I'm not the type of person to be big into Valentine's Day and hearts and that whole thing. I figure there must be some others out there like me...so what about something right in between girlie and industrial?

There's no big story behind this one, really. I made a mold of a screw head, wanted to make a layered piece and this is what came out.

This piece was a bit of an experiment. A good friend of mine got an English bulldog about 1 week ago and she asked me to make a dog tag for him. I took some inspiration from my Faux Lizard Initial Charms and made this little beauty. I'm so pleased with it that I've decided to put it up for sale in the store for everyone else!

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me melodia said...

If Parker wore a collar I'd pick up one of those dogtags in a heart beat. It looks amazing! But you know how we like her: nude and feral looking.
I do srsly need a blood splatter charm tho. Shld I etsy it or go to the down and dirty south and tell your folks?