New Years Resolution: Healthy Eating

Around the fifteenth time someone recommended this book to me, I decided maybe it was time to get down to business. I bought it and started reading and there's a good reason this book comes so highly recommended...it will completely change your outlook on the food industry and what we should be eating for dinner:

"Pollan follows each of the food chains that sustain us—industrial food, organic or alternative food, and food we forage ourselves—from the source to a final meal, and in the process develops a definitive account of the American way of eating. His absorbing narrative takes us from Iowa cornfields to food-science laboratories, from feedlots and fast-food restaurants to organic farms and hunting grounds, always emphasizing our dynamic coevolutionary relationship with the handful of plant and animal species we depend on."

I'm not completely done with the book, but from what I've gathered so far, it looks like my 2009 will be full of organic food (REAL organic food, that is).

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