Winter Wonderland

Last night we received 8 inches of snow here in Boston and in the photos above you can see the view from my stoop this morning. Even though I've been up here for three years, I'm still fascinated by snow and always feel the need to snap a couple photos every time we get any sort of accumulation. I also constantly feel the need to be snuggled up inside my apartment with a cup of hot cocoa! Now that I have my own studio, I also feel the need to stay in and be productive!

As you can see, I've had some success with my PMC experiments! Nothing too sophisticated or complicated yet, but I'm well on my way. The pieces above are just simple charms made from impressions of vintage Norwegian buttons that were brought back from my grandparents' house in Norway. The initial charms were made using other little charms and stamps and they will be available in the initial of your choice! It's hard to see, but the one on the right (the "t" charm) has a faux lizard skin impression for a background.

What do you think? Any suggestions? Any item in particular that you would like me to make? I'd love to hear some (gentle) feedback on these as I continue my experiments.

(Click the images above to see an enlarged view!)

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MelodyS said...

these pieces are so fine.