Feeling the Love: Eriko

One of my bestest friends (and bridesmaid Needlepoint Charm gift recipient), Eriko, getting her necklace "dirty" (her word, not mine) at this year's New Orleans Jazz Festival!

Thanks for the pic, lady!


Eddy said...

Dope times. I wanted to go to that festival but was not able to make it. I'm sure their weekend was insurmountable. I need to go to NOLA at some point. I love dirty rice and jambalaya stuff.

Tiff I'm glad to see your blog taking on new dimensions. Its definitely exploratory business for you.

If anyone reading this wants to hit up NOLA in the near future. Hit me up.


me melodia said...

cute shot.

Eriko said...

Awww Tiff - I love being one of your bestest friends...and I also love your jewelry! Love the new rings!