Safety First!

Today after a snide comment from a bitchy bystander about "bikes on sidewalks" and a bitchy retort from me ("OH, GET OVER IT!") I came home and decided to do some necessary research on bike riding to cover my bases. Ok...I'll admit riding a bike on the sidewalk is not the best option (or even a legal one at that) but I don't have a helmet yet...and after finding out recently that a distant friend (ok, more of an acquaintance) was hit and killed by a car near my house while riding his bike, I'm so not risking it.

Well don't worry readers, I just purchased this helmet from Amazon and it should be arriving in a few days:

Plain, simple and not completely hideous! Maybe next I'll upgrade to a "hair helmet" a la Bret:

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me melodia said...

Tiff, this totally reminded me of you.