I'm Gonna Give You a Piece of my Mind...

Back from NYC, exhausted....and inspired! Here's what's currently doing laps in my mind:

This girl's outfit via Rackk and Ruin

This extremely happy puppy via A Cup of Jo

Shadow Hands by Russ and Reyn via Today and Tomorrow

These amazing outfits from the Professor's Collection over at Sally Jane Vintage

"Escape Artist" self-portraits by Sam Taylor-Wood

Perfectly un-perfect, unruly hair

Broken Arm Chair


Anonymous said...

i think unruly hair only works when there's no sign of grease and well why choose unruly if you have to wash it everyday? right now i've chosen fabulous and greasy. quite the decision!

Anonymous said...

Those "Escape Artist" shots are super cool - thanks for sharing 'em!

Heist said...

MissSpryte - I'm rocking the wash and run look - big, puffy, frizzy and EASY!