No Doubt

I've mentioned before how truly obsessed I am with Gwen Stefani. This is no recent occurrence, in fact, I can pin-point the exact moment when it began, and thanks to You Tube, I can even share it with you:

I taped this MTV Spring Break performance on a VHS tape when I was in the 9th grade and probably watched it about 200+ times (I wish I was exaggerating right now!) I don't know exactly what drew me in, but I was obsessed. I mention this only because I'm amazed at how one small insignificant-seeming moment can change your entire life. I can honestly say that that one performance of "Just a Girl" has approximately 98% of an influence on who I am today.

Well here we are over 10 years later (damn, it makes me feel old to say that), and No Doubt (and Gwen) are still going strong...and I'm still JUST as obsessed! Here's a video of their performance on the Today Show this week. Who knows, maybe a new generation of kids will be just as inspired/obsessed as I was!

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