New Goodies!

When I went to the Cambridge Antique Market looking for a bike, I also stumbled upon these little glass..um....things:

Maybe they're for tea lights, maybe they're little hats...but either way, I saw the texture on the outside of them and thought they might make for some cute jewelry. I purchased them and began experimenting, thinking I was going to make some bead charms, I ended up trying them as a ring instead and turns out...I LOVE them!!!!

I think these might be my new favorite items! Both rings will be available in a patina option, but I think I like these 2 rings the way they are above.

Another little something in the works is this soon-to-be bracelet:

I'm really inspired by it, so keep an eye out for matching earrings and necklaces!

1 comment:

iheartstuff said...

i LOVE those little guys!! perfect colors. have I ever told you about my obsession with tiny hats?! BUT, those new items are to die for. I must get my hands on one of them.. or both! that new bracelet would also fit in nicely with the rest of my Heist collection :)